Kill 'Em Charlie are an Irish 5 piece indie rock band. With a reconfigured line up, they released their debut EP I Hope This Works for You ('Cause it Does for Me) in October of 2020. The band's ethos is "if we think it, we can write it". Each song on their debut EP shows a different side of the band's personality as they want to get across how versatile they are with their sound and song writing attitude. The band's previous releases are a glimpse into their foundations and their influences. Their sound has been described as "sweet melodic goodness wrapped in a punchy indie array of sleekness". With the release of their single, Hazey in late 2021 and the live EP Live at Rebel Recordings in the summer of 2022, the band further built upon the foundations of their 2020 debut. They are now super excited they get to showcase how they have developed their sound and built on those foundations with their second studio EP No Ties To The Morning. The band feel this is a definitive statement of where their sound has developed to this point and is a statement of intent going forward.

‘A high energy and raucous face punch of kick-ass sound’ - YMX Music Blog

‘Kill ‘Em Charlie have produced a cute cut version of indie rock that we haven’t heard in a long time. An almost love child of early Arctic Monkeys and very early Foals’ - AAA Backstage

‘Deft hooks, swaggering musicianship and some seriously slick riffage’ - Indie Buddie

‘A breath of fresh into life experiences through vivid lyricism, layered on top of an impressive instrumentation that keeps you guessing from start to finish’ - We Write About Music

‘Youthful spirit and tonnes of vitality’ - Young Creative Press